Jon Urbana Has Purpose and Direction Like No One Else We Know

Keeping up with Jon Urbana takes a good pair of Nikes and skill in following him on social media. Jon has thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter (jonurbana1), SlideShare and his personal blog, and he is always inviting more. Jon appreciates his followers and lets them know with constant updates on his charity work, animal photography from his travels and his lacrosse camps in Vail, Colorado. Urbana has always got something going on, and he loves to get his friends involved.

Mr. Urbana is presently co-founder of the company he started in 2010, Ellipse USA. Jon was born in November 1982 in Denver, Colorado, and he graduated from Villanova University in 2005. He played professional lacrosse in college and graduated with an Economics degree, which he has put to excellent use at Ellipse USA. Urbana is dedicated to the development of this company, and since its inception, markets in Europe and Australia are joining this international company.

Jon is not tied down to his business though most entrepreneurs would be happy to be as successful as he has become.  In 2011, Jon founded Next Level Lacrosse, which provides summer camp for students to play lacrosse. Jon coaches and spends his time teaching special techniques of the game along with how to apply these techniques to real life. He plays a leadership role and takes pride in providing scholarships to those students who are eligible.

In 2015, Jon received a prestigious award from the FAA for his work with new pilots and in developing advanced safety precautions. The FAA awarded him the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification, which displays his dedication to the field. Jon has been flying small planes for over a decade.

Another one of Jon’s interests is photography, but he is quickly developing this hobby into a professional adventure. He takes beautiful photos of animals, such as lions, bears and giraffes that he has seen in his travels, and he posts them on Vimeo as well as sending them to auctions for purchase.

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    Jon is not tied down to his business though most entrepreneurs would be happy to be as successful as he has become. His photographs are another avenue where Jon expresses his love for life. It is a good way that the best essay reviews would get all these things done correctly.

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