Jeff Yastine Talks the Fruits of Acquisition

In December of 2017, Jeff Yastine discussed the possibility of an incoming trend regarding mergers and acquisitions amongst major corporations. It didn’t take very long for Jeff Yastine’s theory to be proven, as the talk of a merger between Boeing and Brazilian aircraft builder, Embraer, helped to raise the stock of the South American company. In February, the two entities were said to be nearing a close regarding their merger, which would include all sectors, except for the military. In response to this, Jeff Yastine name three companies, Kroger, eBay, and W.W. Grainger, which, due to the possibility of an acquisition by a larger company, such as Google, would be great options to target stock wise.

Kroger recently experienced a significant dip in stock value – a response to Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Food’s, which sparked doubt about the grocery store chain’s ability to compete. According to Jeff Yastine, Kroger is still in prime position to remain a competitor to Whole Foods due to a number of steps that they have recently taken. The prices of goods at Whole Foods hasn’t dropped more than 1.1 percent since it joined Amazon, and the quality is said to have dipped noticeably. Kroger is beginning to pick up steam regarding its supply of organic foods, and it also plans on integrating automated checkout systems into their stores, which could bring about a significant decrease in overhead costs. Read this article at to know more about Jeff Yastine

eBay could also be a great target for your portfolio, as it is well established within the online auction community, and has a larger user base. The variety of items that can be bought and sold on eBay continues to attract new users to the online auction site, and as things are currently, it is primed to surpass Amazon in several areas in the near future. If Google or another powerhouse were to acquire eBay, it could significantly shift the landscape of online retail, as well as provide lucrative gains for investors.

Jeff Yastine also has a strong belief in Grainger, whose stock value also fell significantly due to concerns about its ability to compete with Amazon. This makes it a good candidate for acquisition, as well as the fact that if a larger corporation were to enter the competitive arena with Amazon, it could make use of Grainger’s substantial assets, which consist of storage and distribution facilities all throughout the country.

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