JD.com Joins Most Sustainable Top Companies in the World in Receiving SEAL Award

JD.com, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China, broke the news that it will be awarded with 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. The company now joins the rank of global companies that have excelled in their environmental efforts, corporate social responsibility and social innovation.

JD.com’s CSR team has put numerous efforts in the past five years to create and implement programs that promotes sustainable development. The company has ensured that the whole process starting from product creation, packaging to sale and delivery is eco-friendly through its initiatives. It is striving to make a positive impact on society as well as the environment.

The SEAL Awards recognizes companies that embraces sustainable practices. It considers environmental achievement, sustainability as well as leadership in granting the business sustainability award. JD.com joins top companies around the world including Impossible Foods, Patagonia, Nike, Apple, Seventh Generation and Samsung in receiving the award.

Libo Ma, head of corporate social responsibility at Jingdong, said that it is an honor to join the most sustainable companies in the world in receiving the SEAL Award. It affirms it among the world leaders in social responsibility. Libo Ma continued to state that it is a recognition of their many faceted sustainable platform. The company is committed to social innovation as well as education, poverty alleviation and environmental protection. It is not enough to judge success of a company using traditional business metrics. According to the social responsibility head at JD.com, contribution to people as well as society are just as important. He said that the success in social responsibility emanates from the company’s belief that they have a responsibility to promote society.

The Founder of the SEAL Awards, Matt Harney said that JD.com’s recycling initiative recorded massive success. It applied the initiative in over 47 cities across China with over 400000 and 1 million clothing articles recycled. Mr. Matt Harney commended JD.com for its efforts to improve sustainability for the world leveraging on its vast network infrastructure.

The largest retailer in China’s sustainable platforms leverage on the company’s technological advancements including JD Logistics which covers almost 99% of China population through its logistics as well as supply chain network.

The SEAL Awards honors leaders in business as well as the media for efforts to combat climate change. The environmental advocacy organization has embraced Environmental Journalism Awards, Business Sustainability Awards as well as Environmental Research Grants Program as its core organizational pillars. Click here