Jason Hope explains how IoT is redefining the Airline industry

The futurist Jason Hope predicted about the Internet of Things (IoT) overtaking the world in the near future. Recently, Jason Hope explained how IoT is refurbishing the Airline industry. The IoT has overtaken the world, and it’s no longer rocket science.

The tremendous wireless connection of gadgets and devices to the internet has a great impact on the way cars and medical including objects such as toothbrush are operating. Gartner Inc., a company that majors in technological research stated that by 2020 that billions of things will be using the internet.

One of the significant components of IoT is the Bluetooth beacon. The transmitting device makes it feasible for people to communicate with objects. Today most beacons are made as stickers that are tiny and can be attached to anything.

The Airline industry is not left behind. Actually, 37% of the Airline industries have set aside a budget towards implementing new technology based on the IoT. In the next three years, over 50% of these Airlines will apply the latest trends of IoT, and it will be integral in the industry.

Jason Hope explains the areas which will be affected positively by the Internet of Things. Some of these areas include safety. Most parts of the plane will be connected to IoT and are able to send a notification in case of any fault to the ground staff. The beacons also monitor safety items in the plane such as the toolbox.

Customer service is another area that will be improved by IoT. Beacons are soon expected to act as a personal guide, for instances, if a passenger is lost the sensor will be able to register that and send directions through a wearable device or mobile phone. The sensor will also be able to tell the time the plane doors will be closed. The IoT will be able to know if the flight is delayed and probably suggest a place you have been before as you wait. The beacons can detect passenger’s discomforts such as fatigue and temperature.

Jason Hope also explains how baggage handling and fuel efficiency will benefit from IoT. The technologies that are being implemented will make a significant change in the future. It will be a world of interconnectedness.

Jason Hope is an investor, a futurist and also a philanthropist. He is well known for Jason’s interest in technology and his support for organization fighting against aging diseases. Jason gave $500,000 to a nonprofit organization that aims at redefining the healthcare industry. He is a graduate of Arizona State University where he received his degree in finance.

Jason Hope info: ideamensch.com/jason-hope/