Important Tips to Hosting a Stress-Free Event

Camille Styles, one of the best corporate event planners in NYC, and a top editor in a party blog shares her tips on how to host an event like a pro. She also shares her “rules to live by” to guide you when hosting your upcoming get-together or big party.



Effortless Planning



Planning for an event or party should not be an intimidating or stressful thing. You should start early and stay organized in order to plan, come up and eventually host a memorable party/event easily. In order to get all the steps in this process right, you should use a well detailed event planning checklist. It will guide you in every step of the way from one month to the party up until an hour before it starts.



Party/Event Planning Checklist



A month before your party/event, you should set the date, place and time of the party. You should pick a theme, determine the budget and come up with estimates to make it realistic. You should ponder over things that will make your party/event special by considering entertainment, décor or food. Three weeks before the party, you should send out the invitations, order for flowers, rent extra linens or chairs and check to ensure all the required serving pieces, pitchers and utensils are in place. Two weeks to the event; you should come up with place cards, plan your menu and shopping list. Create a timeline for preparing every dish and preparing menu items that can be frozen.



One week before; ensure you follow up with all guests who have not confirmed attendance, stock up on your liquor and wine as well as create an iPod playlist. Two days before the event up until an hour to it should be spent on preparing the food items sauces, chilling wine, set candles and get ready for the party.



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