Importance of Cyber Security

All over the media is a proliferation of news on looming cyber threats adding to the already growing list of cyber assaults on governments, individuals and companies. Not long ago, a ransomware infiltrated thousands of computers across the world raising alarms and turning all attention to the role of cyber security. The Trump government has already put focus on strengthening the guard on their cyber space. His predecessor Obama had already put forward a huge budget proposal towards cyber security.


It does not just end with governments. Firms are also gearing themselves towards spending adequately on maintaining a secure digital space ( After Hillary Clinton’s emails were hacked, individuals realized that they too were not safe. Nobody is safe from these assaults and thus the limelight is now on cyber security and investments towards it. However, the question remains; is it important and how important is it?


The answer is quite clear from how much companies and governments are spending to secure their infrastructure from cyber assaults. It shows that securing the cyber space is a very important decision that organizations are being forced to make. Moreover, over the past few years, the attacks have continuously increased. This means more data is lost, more stolen intellectual property, increased fraudulent activities and much more money stolen. The bad news is the trend is expected to keep rising projecting the damage costs to hit about $6 trillion yearly.

If that is not reason enough to raise awareness and consideration for cyber security, it has been observed that each succeeding attack is way severe than the preceding one. The attacks are getting more dangerous with each passing day. The attackers are also widening their targets. Cyber security cannot be ignored any longer.


Rubica’s Guaranteed Personal Cyber Security

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