Igor Cornelsen Says Brazil’s Recent Economic Struggles Shouldn’t Deter Investing There

You should never bury all your nuts under one tree, especially when it comes to investing, and that’s what Igor Cornelsen also says in his blogs and tips for buying stocks. Cornelsen is a former investment banker who now manages his own investments as simply a hobby, but he shares a few of his secrets with anyone who wants to follow him. Cornelsen’s main saying is to not treat investing like gambling, but instead to look at it as a savings plan that you can come back to years down the road and have future plans taken care of. Check at ireport.cnn to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Some of Cornelsen’s tips for buying stocks include buying low-cost or damaged stocks, buying stocks from soundly managed companies and diversifying your stocks. The reason for buying lesser-known but reputable stocks is that usually stocks that become too popular end up crashing before too long, while the ones that aren’t as popular but have steady growth can be less risky and yield better returns in the long run. A company’s stock is also bound to do better if there’s been good management at the top, and if employment overall hasn’t seen much overturn. And it’s good if you can invest in multiple small stocks or other funds so that way you have an even less risky portfolio.

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Igor Cornelsen also gives advice on foreign investments including in his native country of Brazil. He is familiar with the way Brazil’s economic policies are shaped because he was once an economic advisor to the government. Cornelsen notes that Brazil had some troubles in the last few years given former President Dilma Roussef’s careless policies, but under President Macri and Finance Minister Levy, Cornelsen sees an opportunity for a recovery and a new chance for investors. What he advises people to do to have success investing there is to first get to know people from down there because they can point you to the right banks and the right companies to invest in. Second, Cornelsen says you should know which banks will deal in foreign exchange investments because not all of them do. And finally he says get to know how to work around government regulation.

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