Ian King Joins Banyan Hill Publishing to Empower Prospective Investors

All too often, the word unicorn is appended to mythical stories read to children. In the financial industry, the same word is used to describe a start-up. The $1 billion valuation venture is an absolute rarity. Currently, the unicorn is a start-up venture that many companies have applied to boost businesses. Across the world, over 200 such companies have been labeled as unicorns.

Examples of Unicorns

You have heard of Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest and lastly, Dropbox. These are unicorns in the business world. As the famous unicorns, these companies have attracted an investment of over $200 billion. In market valuation and statistics, they attract $967 billion with 400 percent as the return. The 400 Percent cannot be traced to a brokerage account as they are property from venture capitalists.

The Average Investor and Unicorns

To an average investor, these returns cannot be accrued. They are restricted to capitalist investors. Typical investors find themselves holding onto the average bags of investment when huge competitors infiltrate the industry. Snapchat is just one of the many competitors that have pushed out average investors from the industry. The brand effortlessly, accrued about 65 percent of the total market shares.

Market Penetration

Many investment schemes have infiltrated the market with Bitcoin being the most discussed business in the market. The crypto is a blockchain application that uses technology. Last year alone, it accrued 1,484 percent. Entrepreneurs have now found a way to reap huge benefits from this crypto. The innovative technology will soon provide solutions to real-world issues.

Ian Joins Banyan Hill Publishing

Behind these facts are brainy investors who have vast experience in cryptocurrency. Ian King is one such investor. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing to guide investors on the right path to making money. Ian King is a guru in this discipline. That is why he introduced the unicorn into the market. Ian can predict the future of any cryptocurrency. The trader has been in the business for two decades. He has a vast knowledge of the subject because he risked his resources in the past.

Ian’s Contribution

Joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 reflected the company’s commitment to helping investors in making bold, aggressive but safe investment decisions. Ian is a contributor to Investopedia and Banyan’s editorial works. He writes insightful articles to disseminate knowledge on the risks of putting resources to cryptocurrency. He is working on video and audio tutorials for parties interested in joining the cryptocurrency world.