Ian King: Bitcoin and the Future of Currency

Banyan Hill Publishing Company has been providing the United States of America with high-quality investment advice for a number of years. They have recently published an article regarding some of the expert authors that they have as part of the team they employ. One of these men is known as Ian King Banyan. Ian King is an individual has been able to create quite a reputation for himself in the finance industry. He has experience as a traditional investor and has been able to work his way up on Wall Street to become a hedge fund manager. What sets Ian King apart from the rest of the people on Wall Street is his ability to provide insight new and exciting asset class known as cryptocurrencies. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

Ian King was brought on board to Banyan Hill Publishing Company as a result of the growing interest in cryptocurrencies at the end of last year. During that time cryptocurrencies experienced explosive growth, and many individuals began to become interested in the potential investment opportunities that they represented. Banyan Hill Publishing Company knew that they would need to employ an individual who had experience on both traditional investing as well as the intricacies involved with the cryptocurrencies if they were to publish investment advice with the level of quality that they are known for.

Today Ian King is known for his role as one of the leading contributors to online investment information source Investopedia as well as his own cryptocurrency newsletter known as Crypto Profit Trader. He is actually the highest ranked contributor on Investopedia.

Ian King believes that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin represent a unique opportunity for the potential investor that is interested in taking a risk with their money. This risk could potentially pay off in a huge way. Ian King believes that the most important thing about bitcoin is that it allows people to have power. The technology allows the transfer of value without the use of a state or bank. As a result, the power that is involved with money is given back to the people. He believes that this will be used as a liberating force and individuals will be able to control more of the value that they have rather than conceding this control to government and banking agencies. He believes that bitcoin can operate as a check on the people in power and will allow a new way forward to a brighter and more independent tomorrow. Visit: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2018/02/microblog-ian-kings-new-crypto-selection-that-will-be-bigger-than-bitcoin-announced-last-thursday/