Hussain Sajwani Career Life at a Glance

Hussain was born from an entrepreneur father who dealt with the selling of imported watches and pens from China. Sajwani acquired a degree course in industrial engineering and economics from the University of Washington. He was among the lucky ones to get a scholarship to study abroad.

Soon after graduation, Hussain Sajwani secured a job with a company dealing with oil products, known as Abu Dhabi national oil company. This was just but an introduction for him into the business world. Hussain worked in the accounts department. Due to some factors here and there, Hussain decided to quit the job and invested in his own business. He started a catering business currently known as Drace General Trading Company. Hussain was the man on the deck as he managed the whole business by himself.

Hussain provided food services to the US Military, the Bechtel, and hotels among others. This was a starting point for him to mingle with people from different economic status.

Years later, a great opportunity appeared which came to be the destiny Hussain was meant to reach. It was when foreigners were given authority to own properties in the Middle East region by Sheikh Mohamed, who was then the prince during that period. Hussain saw a loophole for success and diverted some of his investment into real estate. This is when DAMAC Group, was formed.

Hussain Sajwani being the CEO of DAMAC Group, his responsibility was to provide housing solutions to the foreigner present. DAMAC Group is responsible for the construction of prestigious households and luxurious properties in Dubai.

With an already existing ready market for his new investment, Hussain had nothing to lose. He surprised customers who acquired some of his apartments by giving them free Lamborghini cars. Husain’s business went viral, and his company has been named among the fastest growing company in the Middle East market.

Among his achievements with DAMAC Group, was the completion of the construction of the Tiger Woods Golf course which was managed by the Trump. Trump looks forward to enhancing business ties with Hussain.

Apart from being a businessman, the DAMAC owner has also been associated with charity. He once donated money amounting to AED 2 million which was for the support of needy children. This shows that he is a philanthropist.