Hussain Sajwani and his Prosperous Journey

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani was born in Dubai. He was among the lucky people who got a governmental scholarship to go and study abroad. Hussain graduated with a degree in economics and industrial engineering from the University of Washington. His father took part in the business of selling imported watches and pens.

After completing his education, Hussain got a job with an oil company by the name Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He worked in the finance department. With his knowledge in entrepreneurship, Hussain opted to leave that job and start his own business. He ventured in catering as a full-time business for him. He served the US Military, Bechtel Corporation among others with food solutions. During this period, Hussain was able to intermingle with as many people as possible. He always satisfied his customers’ needs through quality products.

Years later, Hussain formed DAMAC Group which was responsible for property development. DAMAC Group dealt with the construction of prestigious households, luxurious apartments and villas and also hotels.

Hussain Sajwani targeted mostly the foreign investors as his customers. This came at such a time when Sheikh Mohamed authorized them the ability to own properties in the Middle East. He appreciated his customers’ support by giving them free Lamborghinis.

DAMAC Group has managed to complete a lot of milestones. It is one among the pioneers of Dubai’s Property Market. It has ever since been gaining popularity globally. Forbes ranked DAMAC Group as the fastest growing global company. DAMAC Group hit the face of the world again when they completed the project of constructing the golf course designed by Tiger Woods and managed by the Trump.

Ever since then, the DAMAC owner has been able to get involved in business partnerships with great investors. There is hope for Hussain Sajwani to enhance business with Donald Trump. Hussain has never left any business opportunity pass him by without making better use of it.

With all the success and prominence Hussain has, he has a good heart within him. The DAMAC owner has been involved in charities for the support of needy children. He contributed AED 2 million for the support of children in the Arab countries.

Hussain’s success has amazed the whole world.