How Paul Mampilly brings hedge fund experience to his newsletter

When it comes to actively managing your investments what are the most important considerations to make is just how much risk you can afford. There doesn’t have to be a single answer to this question either, it is entirely possible to diversify portfolio strong, consistent earners as well as a portion dedicated to higher risk investments with a maximum amount of reward.

No matter what strategy is used information remains key to success. Unfortunately most investing publications are only designed for one group of people or the other. They are either retirement blogs or are focus entirely on getting rich quick and nothing else. To make matters worse much of the time the information is not properly vetted or comes from little more than a hunch by an inexperienced speculator most of the time these people are journalists, not investors and hedge fund managers. Watch Paul Mampilly on youtube channel.

This problem was something that Banyan Hill Publishing sought to correct. Instead of entirely free articles, Banyan Hill provide some information for free while charging for the rest. This ensures that writers are able to generate an worthwhile income while attracting with the best talent.

So far the strategy has worked for Banyan Hill after signing a writing contract with former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly. The former hedge fund manager has seen his Profits Unlimited newsletter quickly spike to over 90,000 regular subscribers, making it one of the most successful individual publications in finance. These numbers to tell us just how successful and well appreciated Paul Mampilly’s work has become in such a short period of time.

As mentioned before, investment strategy is a multi-pronged approach. Paul Mampilly agrees, and that’s why Profits u]Unlimited is not his only publication. While Profits Unlimited may focus on the low-risk investments out there, his two other publications focus on medium range stocks, as well as stocks with the highest potential for huge returns. What’s even more impressive is that the Mid-range risk newsletter often sees returns in excess of 100%, making it highly lucrative even without an extreme degree of risk.

All together it’s clear what Paul Mampilly’s mission is. Rather than work forever as a hedge fund manager and earning a considerable salary doing so he has decided to focus his efforts on helping individuals achieve their investment goals. This way he can reach more people and help them achieve their investment goals. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Banyan Hill publishing and Paul Mampilly. See more: