How OSI Group Meets The Evolving Needs Of Their Clients In The Food Industry

Having been first established in 1909, OSI Group has a long legacy of being a food processing company that delivers quality and service to its customers. It started out as a modest family-owned meat market and now has a global supply chain supplying food to some of the world’s biggest restaurants and grocery stores. Their customers trust them to deliver quality, customized, and safe food created through exacting product development.

When Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin joined this company in the early 1970s it was still just a regional company. He is responsible for directing and fueling this company into one that now has 65 facilities worldwide. One of these facilities is in Chicago and was purchased from Tyson Foods in 2017. It is a 200,000 square foot structure that used to process only poultry. They upgraded the facility after buying it and it can now produce many types of foods. The reason they bought this facility was that they have a growing demand for food across North America and it was conveniently located near some of their other existing facilities.

Retail brands and restaurant chains rely on OSI Group for a number of different reasons. First, they can offer value-added food products that meet the exact needs of each individual client. Second, because they operate a global supply chain economies of scale come into play and allow this company to offer good prices on their products. Because they can match each client’s culinary profile the amount of work needed to do in the kitchen to serve it to customers is cut down. This is not just more efficient but also ensures that the food is safe to eat.

They recently upgraded their Toledo, Spain, facility. This move was prompted by customers in the region increasingly choosing to eat chicken instead of other proteins like beef and pork. OSI Group spent €17 million to double how much chicken they could produce annually, going from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. They also increased the workforce at this facility to 160 people, from 140, and made other improvements like reducing energy consumption by 20 percent.

Another addition at this facility was the addition of a test kitchen. Every country around the world has its own tastes when it comes to food so the top executives at OSI Group give their local management teams a lot of leeway to meet the individual needs of their market. This test kitchen is being used to test and customize food for their clients in both Spain and Portugal.