How NGP VAN All Inclusive Software Aide Canvassers On The Campaign Trail?

Ashley Wilson and Ramsey Reid go over 10 tips for running an effective canvass. They start off the conversation by asking why should someone canvass. Ramsey Reid notes because it is important. They elaborate more by describing how delivering your message face-to-face turns that individual along with their cohabitants into lifelong voters. Also provides you with more insight. Meeting voters face-to-face adds more quality to a candidate over quantity. By getting more personal Insight from voters it will also help you write more authentic and impactful scripts. Also in the modern day in age of Technology you have to meet voters where they are virtually too by doing mobile canvassing as well. From there you will relay this with your team and assign appropriate volunteers that can do this without any problems. Then you can use MiniVAN to automate everything instead of having to manually write it out. As canvassers are at the doors have them prep with Branch Scripts to a them and having a natural conversation that doesn’t come off as monotone or scripted. Described is to only help guide them, not for everybody to sound the same even down to their voice inflation. Make sure all the canvassers are thoroughly trained on what to do with providing training materials along with a couple of videos on your candidate. To reiterate what was stated earlier about quality over quantity, incentivize honesty by prioritizing canvassers at the door over the number of doors knocked. The Manager add-on accountability tool from NGP Van shows you all your canvassers’ stats in real time even down to their current location. Now that you have everything organized and prepared canvassers are ready to be sent out equipped with the right training. In closing, the NGPVAN’s software provides all inclusive software to make all your canvassers feel comfortable, including the LGBTQ community. It also provides a non binary option for fellow LGBTQIA citizens. Considering that there are well over 10 million LGBTQIA Progressive voters to be reach, it is important to make your canvassing efforts are equally inclusive to them too.