Gregory Aziz Likes To Challenge Himself

Gregory Aziz has always believed in himself. This is why when people dissuaded him from buying a company that was more than a century old, he did not listen to them. Rather, he wanted to prove to them that anything is possible with grit and determination. And this is exactly what Gregory James Aziz achieved after he became the CEO of National Steel Car.


This is a company that manufactures rail freight cars. Under the leadership of Greg J Aziz, it became the largest engineering company in North America in this field.


As the company was founded more than a 100 year back, hence people thought that it had reached its end. But Greg Aziz did not think so. He had a dream. And he wanted to turn this dream into a reality. View More Information Here.


He managed to accomplish this in a unique way. After completing his education, Gregory Aziz decided to join his family business. He worked there for 15 years. During this time, he learned all about operating a business. In this way, he was able to take Affiliated Foods to the pinnacle of success. It was soon importing fresh foods from a host of countries and then distributing it to several countries across various continents. But this was not enough for Gregory Aziz. This was because he was always keen to restore the glory of National Steel Car.


He did not stay with Affiliated Foods. He moved on to New York and joined the banking industry. His advice on investments was sought by his clients. Greg Aziz was successful there also. He learned a lot about finances as well as investments. In this way, his knowledge of finance increased tremendously.


Greg Aziz made use of his knowledge and skills once he became the CEO of National Steel Car. He knew the strong points of the company and where it was lacking. This was where he decided to plug all the loopholes.


He knew that National Steel Car was still making use of old technology. This was not being used anywhere else. Hence this was the first area in which Greg Aziz looked for improvement. He decided to use the latest technology in the company. Hence, he bought the latest and the most technologically advanced equipment for National Steel Car. This enabled the company to produce the latest and the best types of freight cars. This way Greg Aziz managed to challenge himself.


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