Gregory Aziz: How He Created The Largest Railcar Manufacturing Company In Canada

Greg James Aziz has put National Steel Car at the top regarding the design and production of freight railcars and railroad materials. Greg’s main purpose was to create a company that would produce top quality products that meet and surpasses customer expectations. Through his management skills, James Aziz has steered National Steel Car to become a dominant railcar manufacturer in North America.


Under his leadership, National Steel car embarked on the production of most advanced equipment, a factor that has enabled the NSC to win the loyalty of many customers in the market. The NSC has also received the ISO certification.


1Even after becoming ISO certified, National Steel Car has continued to adhere to the set standards of the materials and processes as demanded by the market. Through his leadership, National Steel car has invested over 350 million dollars in the last two decades in automation of the factory processes and acquisition of new technologies. One feature that helped to define NSC is the adoption of modern technology, which has resulted in increased innovation. Acquisition of advanced technologies has also helped the company to remain relevant in the market for over a century.

Greg’s life before National Steel Car

Greg is an Economist who spent his early years working in the Affiliated Foods Company as an assistant. Affiliated Foods was a family business that was involved in the distribution of fresh foods. James Aziz initiated projects in the family businesses that catapulted it to become one of the largest distributors of fresh foods in Canada and America.


Greg’s success in the management of the family business earned him a senior manager position in the company. He worked in the family business for close to two decades. Greg Aziz then relocated to New York to establish his business.

Gregory James Aziz accomplishments

Greg’s main dream was to create a giant railcar factory in Canada. James Aziz achieved this by pumping in more capital into the business and increasing the workforce at the factory. As a result, the company’s production increased from 3500 railcars to 12,500 railcars annually.


Subsequently, the company’s revenues have grown considerably over the years. NSC has embarked on diversification by increasing its production lines and entering into exclusive agreements with various companies.


Due to the increased demand for its products, National Steel Car has opened new facilities within Canada. In the recent years, National Steel Car has participated and sponsored several community-based activities as a way of giving back to the society. Visit This Page for additional information.