Greg Secker, Inspirational BusinessMan

Greg Seck is a well known author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and businessman. Greg was born in England. After high school he chose to attend college at the University of Nottingham and while majoring in Agricultural and Food Sciences. Greg eventually went on and began working at Thomas Cook Financial Services. Even when Greg was employed, he know that he was called to do something else, because he never felt challenged enough while working.

Greg eventually went on and developed the trading system and foreign exchange. Before the age of 25 Greg had already crated the idea of online trading systems. After creating his own trading techniques, Greg eventually went on and began to work at Mellon Financial Corporation. While working at Mellon Financial Corporation Greg become the vice president of the company. This was a huge accomplishment for Greg considering he was not even 30 years of age yet. During his career at Mellon Financial Corporation, Greg learned many different techniques about financial trading.

Greg worked at Mellon Financial Corporation for a short time. After he left Mellon Financial Corporation he chose to become his own boss. He began to start working out of his living room while trading from home. Greg soon became very successful at trading from home that many people looked up to him as a mentor. Greg eventually began to train and mentor different people who were interested in learning from his amazing trading skills. Greg also mentored people who was just interested in learning from all of his amazing motivation.

As of today, Greg now has his own foundation that is dedicated to helping others. The name of his foundation is called the Greg Secker Foundation. This foundation is a nonprofit that is geared to helping others. His foundation even started a build a home project that has been building homes for 100 people who live in the Philippians. Greg has been given many awards for all of his humble acts of kindness. Greg Secker will continue to practice these great techniques and give back to the community and mentor people who are in need.