Greg Aziz Keeps National Steel Car On A Track To Success

Gregory J Aziz knows a thing or two about rail cars. When it comes to rail car components, parts, and overall logistics you can say he’s a professional. That’s because Greg J Aziz is the CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car. National Steel Car has a track record of providing quality and service to the rail industry that goes back over a hundred years. Today’s rail car industry is as busy as ever before. Hustling and bustling these rail cars provide essential commodities to towns everywhere.


1At National Steel Car, Greg Aziz makes sure everything from handholds and ladder rounds to break piping; body bolsters, fulcrum brackets and truck and wheelsets are always made to perfection. With a successful track history that expanded exponentially from 1994 to 1999 going from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars per year, National Steel Car is on the right track to success. Providing quality and service that customers rely on has helped them to build a reputation as a leader in their industry.


National Steel Car has the ability to boast being the only North American rail car company to be certified iso 9001:2008. They also have consistently for over a decade been the TTX SECO Award recipient. A strong team is the backbone of National Steel Car is comprised of over 2,000 team members. Together they create a workforce that holds true to commitments of excellence and a dedication to perseverance. When it comes to helping your business stay on track with the rail car parts and components necessary to keep delivery on time you need National Steel Car.


Gregory J Aziz has been with National Steel Car through its growth since back in 1994. At that time 3,500 cars a year seemed like a lot. James Aziz knew this number could be increased substantially. Here we are today with more than 12,000 cars a year being produced. Find Additional Information Here.


Greg Aziz was educated at Western University where he majored in economics. This is an education that has paid off time and time again when it comes to making the decisions needed at National Steel Car so they continue on a track to success.


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