GreenSky Credit Stands Out in the Field of Financial Technology

GreenSky Credit LLC is considered one of the most successful companies in the rapidly expanding field of financial technology. Based in Atlanta and employing a staff of nearly 700 personnel, this private firm uses the latest technology to facilitate consumer loans in several areas, from home improvement to health care.

GreenSky Credit was established in 2006 through the efforts of David Zalik, who today serves as the company’s CEO. Unlike other financial technology firms, it does use its own capital in its loan assistance program. It instead has a partnership of banks and secures loans either online or through its mobile app system. The company has in its history served more than a million customers, its merchant clients including The Home Depot.

Federally insured, the financing provided by GreenSky Credit is administered by institutions that are chartered by either the U.S. government or by state agencies. Investors in the company include DST Global, Iconiq Capital and Wellington Management. The company expanded in 2016 to include a $2 billion agreement with Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp. In the four years ending in 2016, the company’s credit program had secured loans totaling nearly $5 billion. Its rapid development has earned GreenSky Credit recognition from the Wall Street Journal newspaper, which classified the company as one of the most valuable upstart firms in its class.

Originally from Israel, David Zalik was a math prodigy when invited to take classes at Auburn University when he was only 12 years old. He fully enrolled at the university two years later, but would soon drop out to begin his business career. His first creation was Microtech Information Systems, after which he would establish and run other companies in the fields of technology, real estate and e-commerce. In his role as CEO of GreenSky Credit, he is closely involved with innovation and advancing company service. His work has earned him several honors, including the Catalyst Entrepreneur of the Year Award and, more recently, the National EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the field of financial services. He and his wife live in Atlanta and have three children.