FreedomPop’s Newest Launch

Successful fundraisers are not the only thing that FreedomPop is known for now.

The phone application company known as FreedomPop announced last month that it would begin launching its free service across Europe with up to 25 different carriers. According to FreedomPop’s international overseer, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, the company is going to have all 25 different markets ready for usage by the end of the month and looks to expand its horizons beyond that.

For those who are unaware, FreedomPop is an application that allows for users to have a limited amount of free voice, texting and data usage on their phone. In addition, the company also boasts allowing for extra services for a reasonable price, when compared to other mobile electronics. The company plans to let users have 200 MB a month of free data for their international plans in the countries that have access to FreedomPop.

Much of this is possible due to FreedomPop bringing in $50 million from a fundraiser last month, combined with $30 million prior to that, with its total funding amount to being around $190 million.

FreedomPop now operates in countries such as France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium, and the goal is to have it available in up to 40 countries, with the company looking into opening markets in Latin America and Asia.

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  • Dennis Shawn

    Users can also buy an extra 500 MB for an extra $10 and also grab a SIM card that the company launched. The goal of the fundraisers was to help expand the company’s borders overseas, since they had already succeeded in being released in the United Kingdom last year. This really an interesting piece that custom essay writing companies has put together in this time of the year.

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