FreedomPop: Inexpensive Data

Nicholas Constantinopoulos is the president of FreedomPop, a company based in Los Angeles, California, that provides wireless internet and mobile phone services to customers in many countries all over the world. These services include low-priced data, text, and voice. This company covers 10 million hotspots in the U.S.

Nicholas commented on the amount of funding received, which has exceeded 80 million dollars. He also commented on Europe’s initial suspicion to his business model in that they were unsure of the ability to prove the numbers and profits.

FreedomePop has several strengths as noted by Nicholas. FreedomPop’s platform has been developed for over 3 years. Also, their trained marketing team is excellent at analyzing the data of end users and identifying layers and clusters of end user activity patterns.

In the U.K., FreedomPop is already at a 40-45% conversion of cost and monetization. That is already a good sign that this platform is safe. With similar demand for services and the explosion of data needs across markets, Europe, along with other developing markets, have significant data needs. Europe’s average data needs are 500-700MB a month, with developing markets at 200-300MB a month.

FreedomPop aims to continue with its services and growth in Europe, while exporting expertise to developing markets.

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