Felipe Montoro Jens Reports on Public-Private Partnerships.

Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert with many years of experience in infrastructural projects. Recently, the governors of the Inter-American Bank met on March 24 to deliberate on the state of infrastructure in the respective countries. The meeting took place in Argentina. Dyogo Oliveira is the Brazilian minister in-charge of Planning and Development. When he was given a chance to speak, he explained the need for the government to partner with the private sector in infrastructural developments. One of the strategies employed by the government to encourage the private sector to take part in infrastructural development is the creation of financial guarantee mechanisms to leverage their investments in the sector. The Brazilian Minister urged the Inter-American Bank to partner with educational institutions to provide skills that would help to promote risk management in infrastructure. Follow Felipe on Twitter

The minister of finance who also serves as the Chairman of the bank was present. He is known as Luis Caputo. He expressed his support for the Brazilian’s minister’s remarks on the need for the Inter-American Bank to facilitate infrastructural investments by the private sector. Felipe Montoro Jens also reports that the Secretary of State from Spain, Garrido, was also in attendance. According to Garrido, the regional markets have been changing from time to time. According to him, Spain was ready to invest heavily in the Brazilian economy. The Brazilian minister urged the other countries to bring in more infrastructural projects into Brazil as the country has a good business environment. According to him, the Inter-American Bank can play a significant role in helping the country to realize the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Dyogo Oliveira pointed out that the government was focused on building modern roads and providing clean water for the residents. Developing a modern infrastructure would facilitate the fourth industrial revolution. Luis Alberto Moreno heads the Inter-American Bank as its president. He pointed out that one of the main projects that would promote the development of different countries in Latin America was to improve the infrastructure that connects them. He urged more investors to focus on the area by providing modern solutions. He also pointed out that the bank had made various social reforms such as gender equality and the use of environmentally friendly strategies.

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