Felipe Montoro Jens’ ones and two’s on the recent Inter-American Development Meeting

After the recent Inter-American Development Meeting, Felipe Montoro describes the Latin American challenge as the convergence of infrastructure and connectivity improvement among countries In terms of infrastructure and private investments. This description is based on Luis Albert Monero’s view. Felipe further reports that sustainable development would not be realized to overcome the challenges of growth in the region. Follow Felipe on Twitter

The Inter-American Development (IDB) bank has further conformed to emerging social needs which has led to enforcement of gender equality policies and environmental sustainability in the event of implementing their projects. Felipe Montoro Jens further highlights, according to minister Dyogo, that, a variety of public-private partnerships for public works have been developed in Brazil.

Actions taken by the government of Brazil clearly align with the practices and guidelines speculated by the Inter-American Development Bank. In his report, Felipe Montoro also mentions that the many public-private partnerships projects do not have the ability to organize private capital. The loans increased by 20% as compared to 2016, as assessed by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a male entrepreneur based in San Paulo, Brazil. He currently works as the Chief Executive Officer of EnergiparCaptacao, in South Africa. He is a veteran in finance and finance strategies for corporations and people. Felipe Montoro is a specialist in infrastructure and had previously studied a business degree at Getulio Vargas Foundation. This was one of the best quality trainers in the business field; enabling Felipe to be highly proficient by joining an elite group for academic training. The knowledge gained from this institution has enabled him to be competitive in the business field.

Felipe Montoro worked at global companies which include Enron, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Enel among many others. In 2015, he used his prowess in raising capital in the European and Asian markets. He also oversaw investment projects using the knowledge he had in mining and energy fields in parts of Africa and Latin America.

Felipe Montoro Jens once worked at Santo Antonio Energia as the director. This was one of the major contributions of knowledge and skills that he gained in his finance career. Over the years, he has gained more and more experience and is now fully equipped to work in any global finance company.

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