Fabletics: Crowd Supported

The world is currently in a state of consumer-based power. No longer are companies in charge of determining what is considered a high-quality product or service. That power is held by the crowd, which is wielded in the form of user reviews. While some companies are a little slow to the game, savvier brands like Fabletics are capitalizing.

Launched in 2013, Fabletics has grown over 200 percent, becoming a $250 million business. From the moment the brand realized customer reviews played a role in consumers’ final purchases, it’s been leveraging reviews’ prominence. People trust online reviews far more than they trust advertisements from the company.

Trust has become an important commodity for all businesses. Consumers no longer see their favorite brands as just some store down the street that they buy things from. Consumers want to be razzled and dazzled by their favorite brands. Companies have to go the extra mile to obtain and keep their customers’ trust.

Part of that is having the right person representing the company. For Fabletics, its co-founder Kate Hudson does that perfectly. Kate Hudson is a renowned actress and fashion icon. She’s also an advocate for health and fitness. Fabletics is her personal way of inspiring all women.

She saw what other companies were doing, and that inspired her to try something new. There were no on-trend, affordable activewear brands. Activewear was something for financial prosperous people who already embraced healthy choices. Hudson wanted to help women wanted to start making active choices but didn’t know where to begin.

Since the start, Hudson’s wanted every woman to feel welcomed at Fabletics; regardless of age, or size. Earlier this year, Fabletics expanded into plus sizes, making Hudson’s dream a reality. Plus-size women always got the short end of the stick; Kate Hudson didn’t want Fabletics to treat them the same as everyone else.

As focused as Fabletics is on customers, it relies just as much on big data. Having incredibly detailed sales numbers combined with customer reviews and opinions, Fabletics is better able to make future decisions. Being so close to customers ensures that they don’t create waste.

All that data is used to predict what customers will want in the coming months. They added another extra feature. They have a lifestyle quiz that shows nonmembers what products would be matched to their personal styles.