Dr. Mark Mofid a Creative Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mark Mofid is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in beauty enhancements such as breast and butt augmentation, liposuction, mommy makeovers, face and body lifts. Today, one of his focuses is the growing market for gluteal augmentation or butt augmentation. He realizes, the industry leaders may vary in their methods for augmenting the buttocks, but he believes his methods create the most natural and longest lasting results.

Mark Mofid was educated at Harvard University and trained at John’s Hopkins. Having received a top notch education and training, Dr. Mofid entered the field of plastic surgery. He modeled his butt augmentation surgery techniques from the Brazilian surgeon, Dr. R. Preto who performed his first butt augmentation in 1984. Mofid has an excellent understanding of how skin, muscle and bone work together to create the unique contours of our bodies. In order to mimic those contours when he augments the buttocks’ contours, he prefers to work using an intramuscular implant.

Even, when his patients want larger implants, he encourages them to accept his knowledgeable recommendations. While the implant may not be as large as the client would like, they are as large as their body would accept and the largest implant that would look natural on that person.

Dr. Mark Mofid does not like using fat grafting to enhance the buttocks. While it is an easier surgery with a shorter recovery time, the results are not as good as using implants. Consequently, Dr. Mofid designed a better shaped implant for the buttocks. His is a low profile round gluteal implant. It is easier to place in position intramuscularly and it has a more tapered profile. When implanted, the butt that’s augmented looks natural. His implants are smaller allowing them to remain in position over time, not being as subject to the pull of gravity.

Since 2012 when butt augmentation actually dropped in popularity, new methods have been perfected to make the results appear more natural looking. By studying fat and measurement ratios, women that are augmented can appear more natural. The ratio of the woman’s waist-to-hip is 0.68. Dr. Mark Mofid is still studying the human body and he regularly alters his methods of performing surgery when he invents something more effective. This is an attitude, he’s determined to keep and to continue profiting from.