Dr. Mark McKenna’s Botox Method

Dr. Mark McKenna has had an outstanding career so far in his life and has accomplished so many different things. McKenna started out his career by going to medical school, but he decided there wasn’t going to be enough money in that trade for him. He did finish his schooling however, and graduated and worked with his father at his general practice for several years while he built up his own real estate business in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Unfortunately, when Hurricane Katrina hit, McKenna lost millions of dollars in just a few hours. Using his resources, Mckenna was able to make the best of his situation by purchasing land very cheap and rebuilding homes, then selling them to companies and investors to rent to the people that had lost their homes in the hurricane. Soon after, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta, Georgia and started a company called Shape Med which specialized in cosmetic procedures. After growing that company, McKenna sold Shape Med to a larger company and began working with them for about a year. Dr. Mark McKenna then quit working for that company when he decided he didn’t like the direction they were taking the company.

After taking some time off, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to start a new cosmetic surgery practice called OVME. This company is essentially going to run like the company Uber. People will be able to use an app to find a place to get cosmetic procedures such as botox done. Of course they will be highly recommended and qualified surgeons. McKenna wants to take the doctor’s office feel away from the visit and associate these procedures more with self confidence and the patient’s outlook on life. McKenna and his team in Atlanta are focused on serving their patients and doing everything they can to impress them. OVME will also be offering memberships to their patients that will include free perks and exclusive offers.

Dr. Mark McKenna has definitely done a lot over his lifetime and OVME is surely going to add another accomplishment to his list.