Dr. Dov Rand & His Amazing Work

Dr. Dov Rand:


Dr. Dov Rand is a doctor who specializes in medicine as well as rehabilitation for patients. This type of medical study has slowly started to become more popular over the years and Dr. Dov Rand has been able to learn so much of this area to show others the importance that it has on everyone. He attended the prestigious school called Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. This is where he learned the majority of skills that he would be using through out his medical career. His hard work and determination through out the years encouraged him to open up his own practice. He has always been passionate about helping others and wanted to do so in his own business. He started his own practice in New Jersey, and his business is called Healthy Aging Medical Centers. At his center, Dr. Dov Rand’s main focus is to study and work with patients who suffer from many different disorders and help them be able to age in a healthy, stable way. He uses a strategic method that seems to be very efficient and also popular is called “high tough programmatic delivery model” which is a way to treat the body in many ways. It is very important for Dr. Dov Rand to test out and make sure that his methods are scientifically safe to use on patients before he conducts any of them.


Through out the years, Dr. Dov Rand has been able to gain many experience and knowledge within this field of study. He is so knowledgeable and experienced that he is also a teacher in the medical industry. He is a person who is not scared to share his own advice and help others become great doctors. Dr. Dov Rand has put in a lot of work over the years and that is something worthy of praise and admiration.

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Q&A With CEO of Healthy Aging Medical Centers NJ, Dr. Dov Rand