Dr. Clay Siegall: Unsung Hero

Have you ever noticed that many of the most intellectually brilliant people in society never seem to receive any of the credit for the good things that they’ve done? Why is it that most celebrities and professional athletes tend to get all of the credit? Unfortunately, this is the society we live in and this article will shine a spotlight on one of America’s unsung heros. Dr. Clay Siegall just so happens to be the guy in question. This outstanding man is a people’s person and is a civil servant to the highest degree. Dr. Siegall spends most of his time helping others, which has rightfully given him the title of being a philanthropist.

Dr. Siegall has attended George Washington University as well as attended the University of Maryland. During this time, he was able to attain two degrees, including a Ph.D and a B.S. Respectively, genetics and zoology were the majors of choice. Dr. Siegall has become a game-changer in the fight against cancer. He has taken a small oncology company and has turned it into a global cancer-fighting organization. Seattle Genetics is its name and fighting cancer via antibody-based therapy is its game. You won’t find a more thorough cancer-fighting organization than this. Seattle Genetics has developed one of the most popular cancer-fighting medications of all-time. ADCETRIS has become the main weapon in fighting cancer, and it has saved a plethora of lives in the process. Since receiving its FDA-approval, this drug has gone on to rack-up well-over $300 million.

Dr. Siegall played an enormous role in this action by securing multiple deals with some of the top pharmaceutical companies. This includes Bayer, Pfizer, Genentech and GlaxoSmithKlien. In addition to that, he has helped the organization raise billions of dollars via public and private funding. All in all, Dr. Clay Siegall may not be a household name, but he has done more for society than most celebrities and celebrated athletes.