Discover How Economic Status Moved the Heart of Mike Baur

If you don’t focus more on your personal success, it is not easy to succeed in the business world. Every great entrepreneur who has achieved his business goals has always remained focused on what he does. Mike Baur can highly agree with these sentiments. As a successful businessman in Switzerland, Mike knew that staying focused is the main thing every entrepreneur needs. The entrepreneurial journey from where one is to where they are going requires one to stay focused on their personal success. With the future of the Swiss economy in his mind, Mike didn’t waver in his thoughts about the success he intended to achieve. Though the economy wasn’t where he thought it should be, he didn’t lament or wrung his hands. He rather undoubtedly looked forward to improving it.


According to Mike, this could only be achieved if he came up with his own company. He, therefore, used all his resources, connections, and experience to create his own company. Through his company, he focused more on helping other entrepreneurs acquire the business support they needed. He knew that strengthening other entrepreneurs was the best way to strengthen the Swiss economy. Without successful businesses, the economy would not stand. Swiss Startup Factory is the company Mike came up with. It was launched in 2014, and it has become a leading private company in Switzerland.


If you were to look into a business prodigy, you would actually look at Mike Baur. The first time he dreamt about banking and finance was when he was a teenager. He maintained his focus on the available energy and time until he climbed up the ladder. He went to the University of Rochester in New York, and later joined Berne University where he attained his master’s degree. He was only 19 years old by the time he was graduating. His first commercial banking entry was through UBS. He later went to Clariden Leu, a prestigious Swiss banking giant, and honed his career there.


By the time Mike was 39 years old, he had already worked in the banking industry for about 20 years. This gave him vast experience, which he used to change the way some other financial institutions in Switzerland operated. After retiring from the banking industry in 2014, Mike thought it wise to get to his own entrepreneurial journey. He came up with Think Reloaded, a strategic advisory boutique firm. Through this firm, many individuals and wealthy families got the financial services they needed. He also offered mentorship, coaching services, office space guidance, and other business services through Swiss Startup Factory.