Deirdre Baggot on Affordable Healthcare

The USA health sector is expensive. With full knowledge of this reality, Deirdre Baggot has been vocal on alternative ways of making this multi-billion dollar sector affordable. As a trained clinician, Baggot has continually insisted the importance of adopting bundled payments. Her contributions to revolutionizing the health sector have earned her numerous recognitions both in private and public spheres. Find out more about Deirdre at

She is a resourceful person to many medical entities around the country. Her expertise on these medical entities revolves around how to improve efficiency. Baggot’s passion in this area has made her one of the most iconic authors of bundled payments and the reason why the government and private sector should consider this option. In addition to her papers and publications, Deirdre Baggot has extensively advocated for healthcare reforms especially on management and efficiency.

Her opinion on the future of the health sector as a viable investment is a correct. It is through such predictions that she is a highly appreciated speaker in national platforms such as Innovation Summit, BP Congress, HFMA, and ACHE. These national platforms have given her a bigger audience to push the message of more affordable and better system in the USA.

As an excellent planner, and the ability to remain productive and creative in her work is her primary challenge. However, prioritizing her important routines makes her productive and creative. Decisions such as which conference to address keeps her grounded. Research according to her is relevant, especially to the ever-changing world.

As a healthcare business strategist, Baggot views making changes (to people) as one of her favorite working experience. The ability to improve the quality of life through better and well-thought policies according to her is what motivates her. However, she views any failure in the formulating and implementation of policies as a learning chance.

As a trends observer, Deirdre Baggot sees the latest development in the consumer wearables as the future. Wearables according to her changes the way people perceive their health and most importantly take charge of their health. These wearables give a perfect direction regarding future investment. This d according to her is where investors should look for business.

In her career, she is fortunate to have worked in different capacities in different medical units. For example, her first introduction to the health sector was in 1997 as a nurse. Through her hard work and her strong personality, Baggot raised through the ranks to become both a hospital resource coordinator and later a manager.