David McDonald Mans OSI Group To International Mass Production

David McDonald is the president of OSI Group. Initially, he was the project manager. His works have greatly contributed to his appointment as lead executive. Aside from that, David McDonald is the chairman of a meat based production company called North America Meat Institute. He has also worked for Marfrig Global Foods in South Africa. His works have initiated several contracts and projects. David McDonald has been a big part of OSI’s growth.


David McDonald’s journey at OSI Group dates to 2008. This stemmed from his service at MarfrigFrigorificos e Comercio de Alimento. He later joined OSI Group when the acquisition was transformed. That is a record of excellence in experience and track record. David couples roles as a board member in the firm too. Working as the director of OSI International, he manages many projects. His responsibilities extend to enhancing the firm’s growth through Australia Pty Limited. Perhaps what better places him to manage this firm is his extensive education background. McDonald went to Iowa State University. He majored in animal science.


In 2012, OSI celebrated its 20th anniversary of food production and supply in China. Behind the celebration was David McDonald, the man who has assisted the firm in launching the first food processing plant in the country. Beijing is known for supporting OSI Group in many ways and this is one of the ways. The symbiotic relationship has been beneficial to both parties. Presently, it is projected that OSI Group has established a strong economic platform in China. In fact, it has grown the state in many levels economically. When Beijing held the Olympic Games, OSI Group supplied the foods. There were no customer complaints because OSI Group did a great job at supplying quality products.

Growth of Market To International Platforms

Presently, OSI Group has been grabbing space in international markets. The company enjoys the leadership and guidance of David McDonald. Under his leadership, there has been a great consumer awareness project to initiate growth and development. OSI Group continues to expand its market and capacity through foreign markets. It is through sufficient resources and embracing technology that the company has thrived. The global business has grown its scale for operating and its size as well. Through cultural embrace and efficiency, there has been a market expansion. OSI Group continues to take leading positions in the meat industry thanks to David’s leadership and his commitment to grow the market.