Copa Star Hospital is Changing the Concept of Healthcare in Brazil

People around the world have a general concept about hospitals. However, a hospital in Brazil named Copa Star Hospital is changing this concept. Copa Star Hospital is located in Copacabana area of Rio de Janeiro on Figueiredo Magalhaes street. From the outside, it looks like a luxurious five-star hotel. The service of the hospital is unique and outstanding. D’Or Sao Luiz designed the hospital, and the company wants to expand this concept across the country. People might have never visited a hospital before where they would find artwork displaying in the galleries. Copa Star Hospital has more than two hundred paintings of Japanese artist Yutaka. There is a separate transit area for stretchers and nurses. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The area of the building is twenty-one thousand meters, and it is located near the Copacabana beach. Every room of the hospital looks like a room of a five-star hotel instead of a regular hospital. An exquisite work of art is exhibited on the entrance. There is no smell in the hospital and its every characteristic is outstanding. The woodwork is unique and appealing. Great care has been taken in the designing of the lighting system. The lighting gives an effect of a warm welcome to the patients. In fact, there is no strong artificial lighting rather an advantage of natural lighting has been taken.

There is a beautiful restaurant in the hospital which is run by a famous Swiss Chef Steve Moreillon. A huge amount of four-hundred million Reals was invested in the first unit. The project started in 2013, and the results were excellent. A representative of D’Or Sao Luiz said that the company does not intend to stop here. They plan to extend this concept to other cities of the country. The company is planning to inaugurate new units of the hospital in coming years. The next two units would be in cities like Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

Copa Star Hospital is a great option for patients who live near the area Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro bridge. Founder of Rede D Or Sao Luiz Jorge Moll said that Copa Star is an alternative for one hospital in Rio de Janeiro and two hospitals in Sao Paulo. While designing the structure, every aspect was thought of detail. Better treatment, warm welcome, and technology were a few things that designers took into consideration while designing the hospital. Currently, there are five-hundred-and-fifty highly trained professionals working in the hospital. The building is divided into areas like hospitality, nursing, passing through, and care & support. There are more than hundred doctors for the patients. Complicated surgeries of neurology and cardiology are also conducted here. State-of-the-art equipment has been bought for the hospital with the aim to provide the best service.

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