ClassDojo: The Future of Classroom Communication

With the technology of today becoming more and more mainstreamed into daily life, it is a natural step for schools, teachers, parents and students to have the opportunity to be purposefully connected. One of the leaders in this new field is ClassDojo.

Founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo is currently finding use in 85,000 public, private and charter schools in the United States. With the founders seeing tech businesses focusing on creating digital curriculum, grade books and testing platforms, the pair realized a valuable addition to aid in bringing parents and teachers together beyond once a semester conferences was in order.

Thus was born ClassDojo. With privacy being a main focus, the owners are not interested in creating revenue from users data. They do, however, see a benefit through the development of premium features and content that would be available to parents interested in purchasing them.

Founded in 2011, ClassDojo was created to assist parents in conversations at home with their students in order to enhance and support the learning environment at school. With educators being able to communicate not only throughout the year, but also throughout the day, parents are able to keep up with the experiences and behaviors of their children all the time.

Early on, ClassDojo was intended to help teach students good behavioral traits. As with any value based concept, it has become a way for all parties to collaborate more effectively.

The company recently raised $21 million dollars in a Series B round of venture funding with the purpose of discovering and developing the needs of parents and teachers with the intent of enhancing students’ chances of success in life.

The future is bright as they look into ways for parents to purchase content like custom yearbooks, videos, discussion guides and lessons that would be available at home, as well as features allowing parents to pay schools via their phone for such things as lunches, supplies and even field trips.

ClassDojo, with an eye on making the future of education and communication between educators, parents and students more effective is leading the way.

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