Chris Burch Has Made Nihiwatu Resort Into One Of The World’s Best Vacation Places

Nihiwatu Resort is place not so easily found from the mainland, but once you make it out to this remote Indonesian island of Sumba, you’ll find a place you may have only ever pictured in your dreams. When you stay in one of the vacation villas at this resort, you look out your window to see bright blue skies with clear ocean water and beautiful lagoons that make you want to go snorkeling in. You can walk down lighted pathways at night and go exploring behind waterfalls, go for a horseback ride at a sunset beach or just relax at an outdoor spa. The resort is a big $30 million investment for New York businessman Chris Burch who wanted to buy a vacation property that he could truly bring to life. He even owns a vacation home on the property.  Read more about the luxury resort, check on

Chris Burch is a man who values creativity and even has a little fun with what he does. He’s the CEO of Burch Creative Capital and the former owner of Eagle Eye Apparel. That company started out as a small sweater sales business that Burch was running back when he was in college. He would sell the sweaters door-to-door and within a few years he had turned it into a million-dollar company that launched all kinds of fashion designs. The company had over 50 stores opened at its height and was sold at $60 million in 1998. Burch also was an investor in the Tory Burch fashion company which was once a hit company on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

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At Burch Creative Capital, he’s created an environment where ideas behind various retail chains like Five Below and Actua have been able to take off and turn into major wholesale disruptors. Ellen DeGeneres also had her own brand succeed thanks to Chris Burch’s advice and seed funding. Burch has also been a former partner of the Faena Company through which he invested in the Faena Hotel & Universe in Buenos Aires which turned a former grain storage center into a 5-star luxury hotel. He also started buying up a lot of residential real estate across New York and the upper northeast coast that would get flipped for even higher prices and sold for millions in profits. Burch has also been a leader in several non-profit groups including the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and a donor to a private school in New Hampshire known as the Tilton School.  To keep up-to-date with his new and follow on investment, hit on

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