Betsy DeVos Enters The Political Arena To Fight For Education Reform

If you are familiar with Betsy DeVos and her work in the state of Michigan then you've already gotten a taste of what the newest Secretary of Education is planning on focusing on. Betsy DeVos is one of the foremost conservative champions on the topic of school reformation and she is one of the loudest voices in the field of educational choice. Citing the works of Milton Friedman, a prominent independent author from the '50s, Betsy DeVos has helped to nurture the growth of the educational choice movement throughout the United States of America. Now, with President Trump in her corner, Betsy DeVos is looking to make a national change.   Betsy DeVos believes that parents should not be beholden to the rules of the government when it comes to finding the right education for their chi...

Perry Mandera Becoming As Prolific In Philanthropy As He Is In Business

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Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur and businessman that has shown his mettle in a variety of business sectors. Mandera's most high-profile endeavor is perhaps his Custom Companies Inc. which full-service transportation solutions to businesses ranging in size from mom and pop shops to presence on Fortune 500 lists.   Mandera has acted as the CEO of the company throughout its more than 30 years in existence and has recently stepped up his efforts at philanthropical pursuits.   Perry Mandera created Custom Cares to facilitate his support to a variety of causes near to his heart.   Mandera's past stint with the Marines led to him pledging support to Hiring Our Heroes and Marines For Life, two organizations that provide services to veterans in need. He has also be...