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How to Properly Interview an Investment Banking Company

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Many organizations will find that equity investors are interested in their companies. It cannot be stated enough that having a company, financially devoted to the company considered for sale, by investors, that proper investigation is mandatory. The following article is relative when an organization chooses to make the decision of relying on the services of an investment banking organization. A very good question to ask any investment banking organization is: Why are you interested in my organization in particular? The reason the question is essential is because any company will wish to feel comfortable with their respective investment bankers and his or her investment banking organization. The idea is to assure that the investment banking organization possesses confidence, in the busin...

Sam Tabar Oversees Operations of Investment Strategies for Construction of Synova Projects

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Investment strategies are used by investors and hedge fund management firms to invest into securities, commodities and energy projects. Continents and countries around the world are concerned about global waste found in the oceans and landfills. FullCycle Energy Fund, LP and Partner, Synova are doing something about it and targeting regions in the Philippines and Thailand. Synova said that the company is prepared to support over 60 projects. Sam Tabar, Chief Operating Office of FullCycle Energy will manage investment strategies for the construction of projects. The beginning process of the investment strategies involved a partnership contract between the FullCycle Fund and Synova. Synova was selected to construct waste-to-energy projects that reduces waste in specified international reg...

Slyce Inc Performance For the Fourth Quarter Ended October 31st 2015

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Slyce Inc a visual search platform announced its financial results for the year and quarter ended October 31, 2015. On 12th August 2015, Slyce announced its partnership with SHOES.COM. which is the fastest growing online footwear retailer. A mobile image recognition by Slyce, will be able to snap pictures of shoes and thereafter be purchased by a few taps. On August 26th 2015, it announced that Neiman Marcus had extended Slyce technology to all its product lines. This was through the feature ‘Snap. Find. Shop.’ On October 6th 2015, Urban Outfitters entered into a contract with Slyce for the powering of visual search for mobile commerce. Slyce and Shoe Carnival entered into an agreement on the 22nd October 2015 for the integration of Slyce Technology. On February 10th 2016,