Bruno Fagali: Attorney, Activist For Human Rights

Activism, Lawyer
Bruno Fagali is a fighter for fair compliance in the market. He has created some new legislation that will require advertisers to list their advertisements as “Photoshop Alert” if it is retouched. There have been many cases of teenage health problems as a result of false images created through misleading advertisements. The death toll for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa reached new heights in the past years thanks to such egregious adverts. The companies who promote unrealistic models are perpetuating a style which is not necessarily realistic. The models who are in fact a size 3 get their waistlines trimmed to a size 0 in photoshop and teenagers are starving themselves to reach this leavel of perceived beauty. It is not right that these corporations are causing such stress on our kid

Brazilian Attorney- Ricardo Tosto

Brazilian Lawyer, Lawyer
The Brazilian judiciary system is an independent arm from the other government systems, and it means the court's decisions are not influenced by the executive, legislative branch of government. The proceedings and rulings are solely the right of the judiciary. Ricardo Tosto knows the in and outs of the Brazilian courts like the back of his head. Ricardo Tosto Believe and achievements in the law fraternity Ricardo Tosto believes that the judiciary decisions should not be impacted by the president either the congress. Starting from the lowest courts to the federal Supreme Court, Tosto states that the ruling of the judiciary should be final and binding. He believes that a court room should engage in safe and ethical fights and the lawyers are free to fight for their clients within the g...