Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva, Honored by PUC-Sao Paulo

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Judge Marco Antonio Marques who is "always ready to help with everything" was recently honored by PUC- Sao Paulo. Marco Antonio is a judge as well as professor of criminal law at the Perdizes Camp, and had a new auditorium on the campus named after him during a ceremony on April 1st, 2018. The university's president Dirceu de Mello presided over the opening ceremony. It was him who pointed out that judge Marco Antonio Marques helped to ensure the construction of the auditoriums, so it was only right to name one in his honor. After Dirceu de Mello gave the opening ceremonies, PUC tenured professor and esteemed lawyer, Ricardo Sayeg, thanked Marquez on behalf of him and the rest of the faculty of law. Sayeg was given the honor of talking about how Marques got his interest in law at the yo...