Paul Mampilly Predicts Doom For Apple

Businessman, Investor
There have been periods of stagnation and inclines in the performance of Apple for several years. The past decade has seen expansion and growth for Apple with a share of the smartphone market that is rivaled in the United States only by Samsung. Paul Mampilly thinks that growth will not continue during 2018 but that the future of Apple is doomed. $AAPL is doomed. And 2018 is the year where I believe you’ll start to see that this once-great American company has peaked and the Apple stock price is ready to decline. Here's why . . .#Apple #tech #technology #stocks #stockmarket #banyanhill — Paul Mampilly (@Paul_M_Guru) December 21, 2017 Paul Mampilly has a history of making predictions that are accurate and profitable when it comes to purchasing stocks. Since r