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Why Equities First Holdings news Will Help Improve the Perception of Finance

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Equities First Holdings (EFH) in 2002 started to offer equity-loans and financial advice to businesses and individuals to reach both personal and professional goals. The CEO of EFH Al Christy, Jr. is the entrepreneur behind the company. He started it in Indianapolis, Indiana. He a firm believer in company must have integrity. EFH’s integrity is shown with creating a quality product and providing great service. Their integrity helps customers trust them a little more. Through Christy, Jr.’s leadership, EFH has been able to generate over 1.4 billion in transactions. EFH has been responsible for producing over 700 transactions. Transactions that reflects the popularity and trust customers have in EFH. The good performance of EFH has led them to open offices in place like Hong Kong, United

Arthur Becker’s Success with Madison Partners Takes Over

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Arthur Becker is a man of many talents and, more importantly, many investments. He had initially had a career in finances as a stockbroker for Bear Stearns when he hit it big selling technology companies. Becker would take that first fortune and immediately pivot off to what he was passionate about: art and real estate. Becker would go on to purchase property in Florida and New York before ultimately setting up shop in the Big Apple> Now Becker is the Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC. Today we are going to dig into what makes Becker so successful in the fast paced and competitive real estate market. For Arthur Becker success is all about creating a team of people who are both talented and respected. Becker says, "I find that I am most effective when I work with people that I...

What’s Going On with James Dondero and RAIT Financial Trust?

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There's been a lot of talk lately about interactions between James Dondero and RAIT Financial Trust. Unfortunately, this includes a lot of speculation that is unfounded and unfair. The reason that James Dondero is being associated with RAIT Financial Trust so often these days is because he is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. The Dallas-based alternative investment management firm recently entered into a cooperation agreement with RAIT. The details of this agreement are more closely outlined in the article that is linked on this page. At any rate, the only way to gain a clear understanding of the interactions between RAIT, Highland Capital and James Dondero is by knowing more about the latter in particular.First, though, let's take a closer look at Highland Capit...

Richard Blair Informs The Public About The Risks Of Renting Out Your Home On Airbnb

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Richard Blair is very knowledgeable on matters of investment and finance. He currently runs an investment advisory business located in Austin, Texas. This business is highly successful, and it has become very well known for accurate investment advice. He feels very strongly about learning, and this is reflected in his mindset that there always is room for learning with regard to how to invest money wisely. While he works in the financial sector, many members of his family were teachers. This is reflected in his style of providing investment advice. He presents the information in a very digestible fashion to his clients, and this helps people to successfully make plans for their retirement. Many people rent out rooms in their home on Airbnb. While this can be a source of income, Richard ...

Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten in the Banking World

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Investment banking is vital banking sector that involves advising companies, individuals, charitable firms, government, and even countries regarding how they can acquire additional capital and grow their business. Investment banks differs with local banking since they are involved in money depositing or issuance of money. Majorly investment banks focus on debt and equity financing, security trading, financial advisory, and merger and acquisitions services among other services. Investment bankers are trained professionals that provide investment-banking services. They need to be conversant with how this banking sector operates and should have mastered investment-banking trade. One of the most renowned experts in investment banking world is Martin Lustgarten. He is also the founder and th...

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

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Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital after he grew tired of the accounting industry he had been working in for many years. He originally started off studying to become a doctor, but soon discovered that profession wasn't for him and decided to pursue accounting where he learned the foundation for investments. Solo Capital is a proprietary consulting and investment firm that has grown very quickly through out the years. The company grew very fast and allowed Shah to semi-retire and pursue other areas of interest. Sanjay Shah moved to Central London with his family. He originally was born in Kenya and wanted to move to London to pursue college. After the accounting world of business became his first and foremost source of income, he decided to open other companies as well which has helped him...

Choosing Reliable Investment Banking Firm

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Madison Street Capital, a leading international investment banking firm, announces that Anthony Marsala, their Chief Operating Officer, was the recipient of the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. Anthony Marsala was selected based on his expertise and accomplishments in the industry from a huge list of nominees by distinguished business leaders. Anthony Marsala said he was excited and honored to be recognized for his accomplishments in such a highly competitive industry. And he extended his gratitude to the panel of judges and his team who worked hard to help accomplish their goals. As a reputable international investment bank, Madison Street Capital has provided services to numerous clients, including institutions, entrepreneurs, business owners and individual clients. This highly r...