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The Brilliance Of A Plastic Surgeon: Meet Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

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It is one thing to be a plastic surgeon and have a success with patients. It is another thing to go above and beyond the call of duty and innovate with many additions to better assist the patient with receiving their wishes for plastic surgery. This is what Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has done with his plastic surgery practice in Dallas, Texas. Just what are some of the ways the doctor has utilized to bring to life the desires of the patients? Real 3-D Imaging By using real 3-D imaging in his practice, Dr. Sam Jejurikar has a simulation of the new bodily creations right before the very eyes of the patient. With this, the patient is able to see what their new body will look like after the surgery and also see just what steps will be taken as well. Many who come for plastic surgery are not of...

Rick Shinto: The Face behind the Success of InnovaCare Health Programs

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InnovaCare is one of the most known and respected healthcare facility in Puerto Rico and in the surrounding regions, where it offers quality services to the members of the public. This facility specializes in providing some of the most reliable government supported healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. There are other medical facilities in the industry that have tried to offer the same services, but they have not been able to do that due to the technical knowledge and experience required to achieve such goals. In fact, other medical facilities have not been able to penetrate in Puerto Rico and other regions where InnovaCare operates. You can visit     One of the significant challenges affecting access to health care is the high costs associated with...

Sussex Healthcare – The Workplace For Caregivers Who Want Professional And Emotional Fulfillment

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Established in 1985, Sussex Healthcare is one of the prime care facilities in Sussex. Starting with a single home, it is now above 20 facilities strong. The unique blend of meticulous care and expert guidance has enabled Sussex Healthcare to be a home for not only the elderly but also for people with medical limitations. The care homes are situated amidst natural settings with shared or private lodgings. Most of the facilities are equipped with medical supervisors to take care of mental and physical disorders of the residents. There are various activities, both general and customized, for the home dwellers to be productive. Owing to the vast number of facilities, the company is recruiting for various roles including therapists, administrative staff and nurses. Although qualified car...

Shafik Sachedina- The Face of Change in the Islamic Community

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Any individual who has inspired not only his or her community but also the world, in general, will not leave this world without recognition. Probably, you have read or heard about certain people who have inspired the world in one way or another. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a great inspiration not only to the Islamic community but also from a global perspective. He is the owner and founder of the Sussex Healthcare, an independent chain of facilities and supports services for the elderly patients as well as adults with disabilities in the UK.   Shafik Sachedina has been playing an indispensable role in the Institute of Ismaili Studies. The institution has been a great attraction in the United Kingdom and surroundings. This is not only because it is a research-based institution but has...

Dr. Mark Holterman’s Contribution in Medicine Is Indelible and Unforgettable

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Dr. Mark Holterman is one of the best practicing medical practitioners with esteemed knowhow in other disciplines of medicine. He is a party to American Diabetes Association (ADA) and was part of the team that joined up with CHLA to help diabetes type 2 among the young children and teenagers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The program targets the age bracket of 8 to 16 years whom they will engage in camps and enlighten them on how to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.   He was part of the Mental Health Provider Diabetes Education Program under the joint initiative of ADA and APA, which offered patients care and diabetes management. This program received a boost from the Helmsley Charitable Trust of $839 million donations. The mental health professionals’ capacity to serve p