Giving Back

Bob Reina’s Powerful Strategy Of Helping People

Giving Back
Talk Fusion has been committed to assisting people. That is since commencing operations in 2007. Talk Fusion is about giving back to the communities around the globe, building futures, and making dreams a reality. Their commitment is the kind that changes lives. Additionally, there is no one more committed to the cause than Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of the firm.   He often explains that greater success comes with more responsibility. The idea forms the foundation of the firm’s culture as well as its corporate DNA. It drives the things that the company and its employees engage in. Therefore, it explains why they are always endeavoring to do more in assisting people. Bob’s leadership offers the necessary motivation to achieve that and make a difference.   Presently

Keith Mann Recognizes Professional Achievement

Giving Back
One thing school should do is prepare people for the real world. Keith Mann is making an attempt to encourage that in schools. He has put together what is called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement in partnership with Uncommon Schools which is a non-profit organization for charter management. Keith Mann is looking to give entrepreneurs the recognition that they deserve. For one thing, entrepreneurs add a lot to society in general. They are willing to branch out and think outside the box. They not only build businesses, but they also create jobs for others. Keith Mann respects that and understands that there is a lot of value in that. Keith Mann himself is an entrepreneur. He understands the freedom that comes with starting a business or just working for him...

Why Avi Weisfogel Launched the GoFundMe Campaign to Benefit Operation Smile

Giving Back, GoFundMe
The operations of Operation Smile have been boosted by the announcement of Avi Weisfogel that he will be supporting the organization by launching GoFundMe campaign seeking to raise $2000 specifically to benefit the charity. As an international charity, Operation Smile offers children and young adults free surgical operations. The young adults usually benefit from the corrective surgical procedures if they are suffering from facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates. Avi Weisfogel chose the charity as the beneficiary of the campaign because of its dedication to give children in different parts of the world hope for better tomorrow. They do so because they rightly believe that everyone is supposed to treat children with the utmost concern regardless of their social status ...