PSI-pay and Western Union partnership

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Electronic money (e-money) is an electronic storage of monetary value that used for making transactions through electronic systems. The value of e-money is backed by fiat currency and can be exchanged into physical form. However, it is most efficient when used electronically. E-money can be used in the purchase of both hardware-based products and software-based products. E-money has gained much popularity due to its efficiency and security measures that are accompanied with it while making transactions. This currency can be stored in various accounts which include banks and digital wallets such as PayPal, square or even prepaid cards. PSI pay is UK based banking alternative company, founded in 2007, to help businesses manage their financial affairs. The company offers payment solutions...


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Jeff Aronin studied at the University of Northern Illinois BA degree and MBA from the University DePaul; Jeff Aronin worked in Medical health institution before becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. The Institution was established in the year 2000 when Jeff Aronin felt the need to help out patients with neglected therapeutic needs, particularly the individuals who had strange diseases. By making an engaged organization that was tending to one particular need, Jeff Aronin decided to invest all his assets towards one shared objective. This concentration on patients and drug advancement separated his organizations from others in the biotech that were more intrigued by finding the next blockbuster than dealing with the common diseases.   Jeff Aronin ha...

Anil Chaturvedi Well Known Financial Expert Assisting Stronger Ties between India and the European Countries

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The world of banking is highly competitive as well as dynamic, and it is very difficult to make your mark in such a challenging sector. However, it is what Anil Chaturvedi has achieved in his career spanning four decades. Starting as a manager at State Bank of India for planning and development to become the Managing Director at Hinduja Bank, Switzerland, Anil Chaturvedi has come a long way in his career. Over the years, Anil Chaturvedi has attended many conferences and banking events and seminars, where he has spoken about the direction in which the banking sector is going, and where it should go. There are many reforms that he has spoken about as the industry expert in the banking sector. During his stint at Merrill Lynch in New York for nearly eighteen years, Anil Chaturvedi was even...

Michael Burwell and The Challenges and Achievements of His Career

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Everyone covets a life of luxury, of prosperity and of being a great skilled specialist. One of the super-charged and prosperous business leaders that many people want to be like today is Michael Burwell. Among the many things about Mr. Michael is the fact the he right now is the newly appointed CFO at Willis Towers Watson. Let’s learn more about his thrilling set of skills and unforgettable achievements below.     Life Before Willis Towers     There’s so much life and corporate work offered by Michael Burwell to the market before working at Willis Towers. One of those companies where he excelled in his service is the stint he did at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). For eleven years he was able to provide a lot of assurance and audit services to diff

The Career of Michael Burwell

Advisory Solutions, Audit, Broking Solutions, Business, Business Leader, CFO, CPA, Finance, Financial Services, Insurance, Risk Management
Michael Burwell is a respected executive who has accomplished many things in his impressive career. He currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson. He gained a great deal of experience by holding a variety of positions and working his way up the corporate ladder. He career is very unusual because he spent more than three decades working for the same company. He was an employee of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)for 31 years. He established an outstanding reputation during his time at the legendary auditing firm. He worked out of their Detroit office and helped many of the company's biggest clients. He was given several big promotions as a result of his outstanding performance.   In 2007, Burwell was promoted to the position of Chief Financial Offi...

Greg Secker, Inspirational BusinessMan

Greg Seck is a well known author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and businessman. Greg was born in England. After high school he chose to attend college at the University of Nottingham and while majoring in Agricultural and Food Sciences. Greg eventually went on and began working at Thomas Cook Financial Services. Even when Greg was employed, he know that he was called to do something else, because he never felt challenged enough while working. Greg eventually went on and developed the trading system and foreign exchange. Before the age of 25 Greg had already crated the idea of online trading systems. After creating his own trading techniques, Greg eventually went on and began to work at Mellon Financial Corporation. While working at Mellon Financial Corporation Greg become the vi...