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Does Wal-Mart have Purina Benefuls Dog Food?

Dog Food
Wal-Mart's takes its commitment to your pet's nutritional health is as seriously as you do. That's why we carry the Purina Beneful line of premium, wholesome dog food you want for your pet. Your cherished k9 pal will love the nutritionally balanced blends of real meat, chicken, and fish, with hearty vegetables and whole grains that he needs to be at his frisky best. Wal-Mart carries both Beneful Chopped Blends and dry dog food varieties to best servee even the pickiest of eaters. Come down to the Wal-Mart pet food section today and bring home Purina Beneful premium dog food to your best friend!

Beneful, The Beneficial Food for your Furry Friend

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There is no official definition for Beneful Dog-food, it wasn't name for a contest or a pool of workers, Purina just incorporated the name of beneficial to name it's dog food. Beneful means that it's a beneficial food for your dog. The trend in the dog food industry began to focus on real meat as the first ingredient and that's exactly what Beneful does. In order to keep up with customer request Purina also eliminated all added sugar. Beneful also changed the texture to some soft and some crunchy pieces making it more enjoyable for that lovable member of your household. To make this texture possible, Purina uses U.S.-sourced glycerin, this is also used in many human foods, it lets the soft kibbles remain soft and allows the hard kibbles to stay hard. Click here to watch video. Lastly...