Degradable Plastic

Waiakea Water is the Next Big Thing in the Bottled Water Industry

Bottled Water, Degradable Plastic
When you think of an Old Boys’ Club, you might typically think of a stuffy cigar club of an elite yacht club. What you likely won’t think about is the bottled water industry. Yet, the average age of everyone in the industry is around 50 years old. Most have been in the bottled water game for decades and most companies put out a product that rarely changes or adapts to varying consumer demand. While many bottled water companies put a green leaf on their label or have certain elements that are categorized as being degradable, today’s earth-conscious consumer wanted more. We want a product that is truly sustainable. We are catching on that just because a bottle will degrade over 15,000 years shouldn’t classify it as a biodegradable bottle. That is where Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water m