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OSI Group’s David McDonald Shares How They Operate A Multinational Firm

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Serving as the president and chief operating officer of Chicago's OSI Group, David McDonald oversees a vast multinational supply chain. His company processes food around the world that is then delivered to quick-serve restaurants and retail stores. He has worked for OSI Group for over 30 years, starting out as a project manager and earning steady promotions from there. David McDonald says that all of OSI Group's employees are provided the target of exceeding this company's customers expectations. As his company is privately held they have the flexibility to provide innovative solutions for their customer's problems. Unlike a publically held company, they also don't have any reason to focus on the short term so they can instead look at the larger picture and take their time establishing ...

David McDonald Mans OSI Group To International Mass Production

David McDonald, OSI Group
David McDonald is the president of OSI Group. Initially, he was the project manager. His works have greatly contributed to his appointment as lead executive. Aside from that, David McDonald is the chairman of a meat based production company called North America Meat Institute. He has also worked for Marfrig Global Foods in South Africa. His works have initiated several contracts and projects. David McDonald has been a big part of OSI's growth. Education David McDonald’s journey at OSI Group dates to 2008. This stemmed from his service at MarfrigFrigorificos e Comercio de Alimento. He later joined OSI Group when the acquisition was transformed. That is a record of excellence in experience and track record. David couples roles as a board member in the firm too. Working as the director