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Helane Morrison’s Life on a Canvas

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Helane Morrison has lived what can be considered a full swing life. She has been both on the serving end and the receiving end. And in both cases, the extreme highs. Or what can be said of a person who at one time headed law enforcement agency, had been earlier a representative of firms defending them against extreme enforcement by the very agency and now working as a compliance officer. Talk of an all-round pro.   In an article that appeared in XRepublic giving an account of Helane Morrison's Life, Morrison comes out as the best fit for her current job at Hall Capital Partners. As a Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer, you would expect nothing but a firm that is destined for better days ahead. Already, Hall Capital has earned a place as one of the most successful inv...

White Shark Media Now Offering Free Adwords Evaluation

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Anybody who has ever run a business understands the undeniable power of marketing. In our day and age, online marketing is one of the most valuable ways for businesses to gain new customers or clients. Google Adwords is one of the most widely used forms of online advertising. Knowing how to properly use your Adwords account can help your business grow faster than you may have ever previously imagined. White Shark Media is an online marketing firm that is now offering free Adwords evaluations that will show you how effective your online marketing campaign really is. White Shark Media is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world. Last year they managed $36 million dollars of advertising money. White Shark Media has a goal to focus on creating the best Adwords campaigns...

Michael Zomber: An Expert in Arms

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Michael Zomber is an American author and A&E and History Channel's featured historian as an expert in antique arms and armor. With a passion for weaponry and armor, Michael Zomber has been collecting these antique arms for over forty years.. Thanks to his expertise, he was featured as a guest historian for History Channel's television series Tales of the Gun. He was featured in the episodes Guns of the Famous, Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols, Shotguns, Automatic Pistols, and Million Dollar Gun. Michael Zomber is an expert in "European, Japanese, Islamic, and American arms and armor from the 16th through the 19th century." He is often regarded as one of the most recognized names in Japanese samurai swords. Michael Zomber has written several published novels such as Shogun I...

Let Talk Fusion Help You Succeed

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Business isn't just about making money. Some of the best, most successful businesses know that developing a relationship with their customers is the key to longevity. While word of mouth has always been a trusty resource, in the modern age there's a need for a more hands-on approach. Bob Reina and his company Talk Fusion has come up with a great solution to this business need. Before going into the company and what it has to offer, let's talk a little about the man who made it all possible. Having such a successful internet company anyone would think that Bob Reina was some sort of technological genius. That is so far from the truth. He started as a police officer, with a desire to be of service. To pick up some extra cash he began direct marketing. With his need to serve, experience in

Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten in the Banking World

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Investment banking is vital banking sector that involves advising companies, individuals, charitable firms, government, and even countries regarding how they can acquire additional capital and grow their business. Investment banks differs with local banking since they are involved in money depositing or issuance of money. Majorly investment banks focus on debt and equity financing, security trading, financial advisory, and merger and acquisitions services among other services. Investment bankers are trained professionals that provide investment-banking services. They need to be conversant with how this banking sector operates and should have mastered investment-banking trade. One of the most renowned experts in investment banking world is Martin Lustgarten. He is also the founder and th...

DIVERSANT’s Exceptional Programs And Its Principal John Goullet

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DIVERSANT is a fully licensed Minority Business Enterprise provider that is committed to supporting diversity throughout the workplace as well as in the supply chain. It is the biggest IT staffing and solutions company in the US that is African-American owned. The firm focuses on providing IT talent on a permanent basis, contingent, and contract. That is done depending on the needs of its Fortune 500 as well as mid-market clients in select industries. DIVERSANT holds an exceptional dedication to offering premier service to all its customers, consultants, as well as partners. The firm believes in diversity. It also understands that in all its forms, diversity generates better prospects for both consultants and partners. Additionally, it provides clients with more innovative solutions. DI...

The Success of James Dondero

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Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that was started in 1993 by James Dondero, a talented businessman who has taken pride of his business as well as the expansion of his business over the years. Highland Capital Management is a firm that currently holds close to 20 billion dollars worth of assets circulating under the firm's protection. Customers of this firm have become loyal to Mr. Dondero as well as his team due tot he fast as well as positive results. For only investing a small sum of money, James Dondero and his expert team of investors can create a large sum of revenue. In recent news, James and his team have recently upped the stakes in their overall investments, yet have also decreased the company's stakes in Athena Health. Overall, Highland Capital Management decr...

Darius Fisher and Status Labs: Innovation and Informaiton

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If you're running a business online or have a presence that depends on the information made available about you through search engines and social networks, then it's possible that one day that image may be under attack. When that's the case, when your image is no longer relying on facts and your own interaction it may be time to reach out to a professional who knows just how to operate online and help manage your reputation. Reputation management is an widely sought service that more firms are seeking to provide their clients. But with so many firms turning to this new service in recent years it's in the interest of the person or the company seeking help to turn towards a firm that's tested in this kind of management. Co-Founder and President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, has been w...