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Wengie’s awesome frozen water developments.

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I really enjoyed seeing Wengie’s creative ways in turning water into ice almost instantly. I really enjoyed seeing her brilliant idea when she puts a few bottles of water in the freezer for about 2 to 3 hours. Wengie recommends that they are placed sideways while in the freezer. She also recommends for it to be distilled or purified water. Wengie recommends to take out bottles of water about 15 minutes before for icicles are formed. Wengie recommends not to move the bottle water too much when removing it from the freezer because it may not to activate the freezing portions. She also stated when you simply ready slammed the bottle hard on the table and watch the water freeze right before your eyes. We could also incorporate food dye, but it may be a little difficult to observe the freezing


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What happened when Emily McClure challenged herself to a whole week of using WEN Hair by Chaz? Keep reading to get the scoop. Days one and two had similar results. She washed her hair with the suggested amount of cleansing conditioner, blow-dried her hair then went to bed only to awaken to greasy roots. On day three she awoke to somewhat greasy hair and rewashed her hair, blow-dried and styled her hair before leaving. She seemed happy with the results. Day four was a disaster after sleeping in and taking a shower was out of the question. She left for work and tried her best to fix her hair with dry shampoo and other products only to leave her disappointed. With day five, she took a shower before work and was happily surprised with her hair on this day. The only downfall was her curls didn...

Doe Deere: Makeup CEO With Whimsical Attitude And Radical Palette

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Lime Crime makeup founder and CEO Doe Deere has never done anything the conventional way, and that's alright by her. The self-proclaimed "Unicorn Queen" is just like the elusive creature, providing fantasy, fun and rare beauty to those who put on her cosmetics. She launched her company in 2008, and it's been a roller coaster ride to greatness. For those who never thought that Lime Crime makeup would ever catch on, they would be very wrong. Doe Deere was born in Russia and grew up in New York City, taking her incredible imagination and talent wherever she laid down roots. She was always a creative, young girl, unafraid to dream large even when some of her ventures gave challenge. Doe started out designing and sewing her own fashions, then began a "fairy tale rock band" with her husband M...

Wengie, “Your Internet Big Sister”, Is A YouTube Star With Real Heart

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Why do some YouTubers become famous? What's the magic that makes the difference between a few subscribers and well over a million fan-followers? Sometimes it's pre-existing star power. Sometimes it's specialized knowledge. But sometimes it's the ability to connect with the audience and make each and every subscriber feel like a close and valued friend. And that seems to be the wonder of Wendy Huang, the girl behind The Wonderful World Of Wengie. A wildly popular beauty blogger who describes herself as "a Chinese Australian that wants to hug every cat", Wengie has more than a million subscribers to her main YouTube channel. She posts beauty videos there twice weekly, covering everything from beauty routines to makeup tips and tutorials, hair and skincare how-tos, diet and fitness tips...