Assistant Professor

Anthony Constantinou And His Contributions In The Field Of Bayesian Networks

Artificial Intelligence, Assistant Professor, Bayesian Artificial Intelligence, Causal Discovery & Causal Inference, Lecturer, Researcher
    Anthony Constantinou has been working at the Queen Mary University located in London for more than nine years now. He became a Lecturer or rather, an assistant professor at the University in the year 2017. In this role, he works with the Department of Machine Learning and Data Mining. When he was awarded this role, he also got the role of the head of the Bayesian Ai Lab at the same institute which he has been prepping for most of his adult and young adult life. Before this role, Anthony Constantinou was a post-doctoral research fellow at the same University. For more than four years, Anthony Constantinou worked on an NIHR project whose main focus was on the Bayesian networks and its impact on risk management in the field of forensic psychiatry. The collaborated with the L