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Dr. Mark McKenna’s Botox Method

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Dr. Mark McKenna has had an outstanding career so far in his life and has accomplished so many different things. McKenna started out his career by going to medical school, but he decided there wasn't going to be enough money in that trade for him. He did finish his schooling however, and graduated and worked with his father at his general practice for several years while he built up his own real estate business in New Orleans, Louisiana. Unfortunately, when Hurricane Katrina hit, McKenna lost millions of dollars in just a few hours. Using his resources, Mckenna was able to make the best of his situation by purchasing land very cheap and rebuilding homes, then selling them to companies and investors to rent to the people that had lost their homes in the hurricane. Soon after, Dr. Mark Mc...

Dr. Mark Mofid Plastic Surgeon – Brazil

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Dr. Mark Mofid of San Diego, California, has worked closely with doctors in Brazil to spread his unique method of reconstructive surgery. One such doctor, Dr. Raul Gonzalez of Brazil, is widely recognized as one of the most experienced plastic surgeons and skilled members of the medical industry. Brazil is considered to be the leader in gluteal augmentation surgery, and Dr. Mark Mofid methods have been proven to work there just as effectively as they do in the United States.     Compared to the one thousand gluteal augmentations performed in the United States in 2012, Brazil saw more than twenty thousand, even despite the United States higher population. However, although Brazil shows clear dominance in the reconstructive surgery field, growing numbers in the United Stat...

Dr. Mark Mofid Practices Plastic Surgery With Safety And The Needs Of His Patients First

Aesthetic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Gluteal Augmentation, Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Mark Mofid is a cosmetic surgeon trained at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard. He is also an innovator in his industry. His reputation is impeccable, and he strictly adheres to medical safety practices in the industry of gluteal augmentation. His approach encompasses careful examination of detail as is supported by science. He has an exemplary understanding of muscle systems, fat and skin. He has been developing specific surgery types for eight years and recognizes there is room for improvement.   The problem with gluteal augmentation in the past was most implants were generic and incompatible with the muscle structure.Dr. Mark Mofid decided to find something new and spent numerous hours designing, researching and brainstorming. He eventually designed a gluteal implant th...